Paula and Tracey (under the watchful eye of Paul aka pf) are the cheerful ladies that “man” (or should I say “woman” to be politically correct) the mOOse. Collectively they are known as the mOOse gals – and what a team of characters they are. Both gals hail from the Maritimes – that in itself is problematic. Paula is a townie from St. Johns, NFLD and Tracey hails from Halifax, NS. The gals spent much of their early years wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of Toronto life. Finally they escaped from the City and have adapted nicely to the daily grind of country living – and they’re loving it. Paula is the comic relief (a true Newfoundlander) always yearning to tell a tale and dance a jig she spins many a yarn wherever she can bend an ear. Don’t’ believe her when she tells you she’s almost 90! Tracey is much more subdued but doesn’t miss an opportunity to slip in some wit. Together they are having the time of their lives. Be sure to stop in for a chuckle.

In addition, we also have a small entourage of mannequins that help us out in the shop. We started with Clarisse a beautiful antique gal. Sadly she’s not too handy as she is missing a few hands but she does an awesome job displaying some of our fine clothing and accessories. Clarisse (left), somehow became pregnant one January when the mOOse gals were away at a gift show and now has a sweet little Italian baby named Nellie/Lennie (centre on table). Victoria (right), Clarisse’s sassy sister from England, and her young son Jughead (front centre), joined the moose crew in 2017 to assist Clarisse during her pregnancy. They loved the shop so much they have been here helping out ever since. Thanks Mona for donating their wigs. That’s silly Paula peaking in from the dancing room. She does a wonderful job dressing (and undressing) the mannequins – and she tells me she never played with dolls – hmmmm I wonder.

Paul, a local Tweed lad, also fed up with the city grind now spends his days keeping the gals in line. Can’t imagine that task is any better than the city life but he manages. He can often be found maintaining the grounds, shoveling snow or keeping the shop in an orderly fashion. We even let him work the shop when we have to go on the road and that always makes for some interesting times.

And last, but certainly not least, we can’t forget our “other” Newfoundlander, Derek.  Derek is kind of our meet and greet fellow and keeps everything in order.  You might say he’s never met a stranger.  He really is a big help and keeps everyone laughing.  He is destined to return to Newfoundland shortly where he allegedly is going to pursue a career in stand up comedy.  He will be dearly missed. He also cooks the lobsters when we have a lobster fest.

In addition to the above characters we have a life like mOOse on the front lawn known as Cosmo’s (fondly named after Kramer). Cosmos is quite the UnconVentionaL mOOse. He tries to keep up with the seasons and can be seen sporting as Santa suit, hunting suit and who knows what’s next….

The West Wind property sits on approximately 8 acres with over 1000’ of river front on the beautiful Skootamatta. We are also flanked by a Ducks Unlimited pond which attracts many a critter. Cosmo is so blessed to have such a plethora of wild visitors (and I’m not talking about the customers!) The wildlife here is just amazing. Tracey and Paul spend many hours enjoying the natural tranquility of the property.