The UnconVentionaL mOOse, is an incredible place to visit. We are an unusual, super fun gift shop with a wildlife theme, a rustic flair and loads of laughs. You’ll find an interesting selection of unconventional goodies from footwear to chocolate. Tracey purchased the shop in May 2002. It previously operated as the Mohawk Trading Post carrying primarily native crafts, moccasins and leather goods. Originally located just east of the junction of Highway 7 & 37, many recall the caged bears that called the Post home entertaining many a tourist by drinking bottles of coke and slurping up ice cream. With the new ownership came new ideas and inventory. Eventually we outgrew our tiny basement shop on Hwy 37 and relocated to the beautiful West Wind property on Highway 7 (just west of #37). The property sits on the shores of the spectacular Skootamatta River which abounds with beauty and wildlife galore. Check out some of the amazing wildlife on the “Wildlife Pics” page.

We have an ever-changing selection of products (including but not limited to) Canadian made goods, clothing, footwear, baby gifts, toys, games, retro candy, health and beauty products, garden accents, home décor, books, very, very funny cards, purses & wallets, tin signs and the list goes on. If we find it interesting and unusual – you’ll find it here.